Certified Ratings Program

An AMCA Certified Ratings Seal gives the buyer, specifier, and end-user of air movement and control equipment assurance that published ratings are reliable and accurate. To maintain a ratings certification, manufacturers must submit their product for testing verification to an AMCA owned and operated laboratory in Singapore or Chicago, or our licensed laboratory in Korea that is owned and operated by the Korean Federal government. AMCA chooses which models to test, and when. Each licensed product line is subject to retesting every 3 years. Published performance is checked for accuracy and validity.

The AMCA certified ratings program assures buyers and specifiers that competitors’ ratings are based on standard test methods and procedures, and are subject to review by AMCA International as an impartial authority.

The AMCA Certified Ratings Program provides the best assurance available worldwide that air movement and control products will perform as represented by the manufacturer. Independent third party tests show conclusively that ratings from manufacturers who do allow third party laboratory certification of performance are usually over-stated by as much as 30%. Don’t risk paying too much for product that fails to perform as cataloged.  

All AMCA certified products are listed on line, so you can verify that the product you are buying is listed. Before you buy, check out the AMCA online Directory of Certified Products at

The AMCA certified ratings program was established in 1955, to provide integrity in the ratings of fans and other air system products. Today, nearly 300 manufacturers who certify their ratings compete with integrity on a level playing field, supported by most specifiers who require third party ratings certification.