AMCA International Membership

We value our members and the input they have to offer. It’s how the industry moves forward. From start to finish, our members are included in every part of the process.

AMCA membership means being a part of an Interconnected network of manufacturers and specifiers that reaches across the globe. It means peer networking opportunities, access to online material, and discounts on testing and training resources. AMCA membership means being a part of a progressing, global community.

Membership Questions

With whom to talk:

Dolores Suarez-Svachula,
Sr. Manager, Member Engagement and Marketing
Phone: +1 (847) 704-6322
Email: [email protected]


Becoming an AMCA Member

The steps to follow in joining the International Authority on Air Systems Components!

1. Eligibility

To be eligible for membership you must design, fabricate, assemble, and sell product(s) which fall under the AMCA product scope as a regular public offering.

2. Application

Accurately complete all pages of the membership application, sign, and return to AMCA staff.

3. Review

AMCA staff will review the application to ensure it is complete. Staff will then verify eligibility and request more information, as necessary.

4. Site Visit

AMCA staff or non-competing AMCA member will visit your location to verify that you manufacture AMCA scoped products.

5. Approval

AMCA staff presents your membership application to the AMCA Board of Directors for their review and formal vote of membership.

6. Acceptance

Upon approval of AMCA Board of Directors, AMCA staff will inform you of the decision and send an invoice with inital dues

Full Membership

A full member pays dues plus assessments based upon sales of AMCA scope products for its company and any joint members and is entitled to one vote on issues affecting AMCA.


$5,250 per year


0.00109 x the combined value of all worldwide sales within AMCA scope

Min Assessment

$2,500 per year

Max Assessment

N. America: $65,000 per year

Outside N. America: $5,500 per year

Commitment and Application Processing Fee

Application Fee $2,000 one time fee

Commitment Deposit: $3,500 - $10,000 dependent on Dun and Bradstreet Risk Assessment.

Deposit returned upon resignation if criteria is met (available upon request).

Site Visit

$1250 Continental NA; $2500 Outside Continental NA. Flat fee to cover expense for AMCA staff visit of manufacturing facility

North America apply now
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Group Membership

Group members are a combination of one “primary” member and additional related full members sharing at least 50% common ownership.


$5,250 per year


0.00109 x the combined value of all worldwide sales within AMCA scope

Max Assessment

N. America: $65,000 per year

Outside N. America: $5,500 per year

Max Assessment + Dues

Not to exceed $100,000

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AMCA Associate

Companies that are not eligible for membership, but supply materials or services used by AMCA members.


$3,250 per year

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AMCA CRP Affiliate

An AMCA International Certified Ratings Program Licensee that is not an AMCA International Member.


$10,700 per year


0.00396 x the value of worldwide sales of licensed products.

Min Assessment

$10,700 per year

Max Assessment

$64,200 per year

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COVID-19 Resources and News

AMCA is an International Association, and as such, we want to assist our membership to the extent possible and as appropriate based on region. With our headquarters in the United States, it is more easily within our reach to provide domestic updates, and we doubt that guidance we could provide exceeds that which our international members are already receiving from their local government and law enforcement agencies. As such, it is the recommendation of AMCA that international members continue to adhere to local guidelines and regulations.

These resources will stay updated at least daily to assist AMCA members with current information. As we are all receiving a large volume of updates right now, AMCA will decline providing daily emails relating to this information; rather, we would recommend that members interested in this information simply refer to the website and our social media pages as needed.

All of us at AMCA hope for the best for you, your company, and your family during this time.

Guidance from Industry Societies and Associations

Business, Individual and Family Preparedness

Other Useful Sites

European resources

  1. EU Task Force
  2. EU Guidelines for border management
  3. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  4. WHO
  5. European state responses
    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Italy
    4. Spain
    5. UK

New Resources:

Check out this article about UV-C for HVAC Air and Surface Disinfection from the 2020 edition of the award winning AMCA inmotion magazine.

Click to view/download article


ASHRAE releases guidebook covering HVAC considerations for alternative care sites

From the ASHRAE Press release:

"As many communities are setting up alternative care sites (ACS) in response to spikes in COVID-19, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force announced the availability of the Alternate Care Site HVAC Guidebook, which was developed by the ASHRAE Alternate Care Sites Task Force.

"Specific recommendations include guidance for design requirements, air flow, filtration, space conditions and methodology for identifying which mechanical system approaches may be pursued knowing that most ACS must prioritize certain features due to limited time, budget, and site characteristics. "

AMCA encourages our members to review this document— available at the link below.

AMCA Member COVID Impact Survey

This report contains summary results of a survey of AMCA members to determine impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The survey was conducted June 24 to July 3, 2020.

Click here to review.

AMCA Staffing During the Virus Emergency

  1. Administration - AMCA staff begins a partial return to the headquarters on May 4th, with the majority continuing to work remotely.
  2. Laboratory and Certified Ratings Program - The AMCA International laboratory in Arlington Heights, Ill. is open for operations.

Other Laboratories

  • Thomas Bell-Wright (TBW) is open for sand-louver testing.
  • The Asia AMCA laboratory is open, as of 22 April 2020
  • CETIAT remains in operation, but AMCA is uncertain of the triage process for fan testing.

Global Resources

World Health Organization

U.S. Federal and State Bureaus for COVID-19

  1. DHS-CISA Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce
  2. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  3. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
  4. Health and Human Services (HHS)
  5. OSHA
  6. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance
  7. Linked List of State Health Departments

U.S. Federal and State Executive Orders and Restrictions

Note: MultiState is a full-service state and local government relations company. We exist to make the extraordinary expected so our clients can act with confidence to achieve their goals.

U.S. Federal and State Emergency Legislation

We are providing two bill tracking resources for federal level and state level activity. These are updated daily.

Here is an explanation of each of the resources below:

  1. List of Signed COVID-19 U.S. Federal Bills
    • Once you click on one of the bills in red text below, you will be redirected to our bill tracking software's page. From there, you will see additional information regarding the bill. To access the actual text included in the bill, either click on the "Bill Text" tab, or the "Associated Documents" tab. Click on the "BillText" link to view the bill on the original page to which it was posted.
  2. Map of Signed COVID-19 U.S. State Bills
    • Click on a state to be shown a list of signed COVID-19 bills in that state. Click the "Back" button in the top right of the list to return to the map.

If you have questions or need help navigating these bills, please reach out to Aaron Gunzner, Advocacy Manager, at [email protected].

AMCA Sponsorship Opportunities

AMCA proudly conducts association meetings and events,offers in-person conferences and digital educational seminars, and prints award-winning industry publications throughout the year.

Promote your brand, reach the air systems industry, and support AMCA!

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Tim Reilly,
Manager of Association Engagement

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