AMCA International Membership

We value our members and the input they have to offer. It’s how the industry moves forward. From start to finish, our members are included in every part of the process.

AMCA membership means being a part of an Interconnected network of manufacturers and specifiers that reaches across the globe. It means peer networking opportunities, access to online material, and discounts on testing and training resources. AMCA membership means being a part of a progressing, global community.


Our members design, fabricate, assemble, and sell as a regular product offering at least one product in our air systems scope: 


  • Air-curtain units
  • Axial impeller
  • Evaporative coolers 
  • Single room air-handler


  • Agricultural
  • Array 
  • Axial
  • Centrifugal
  • Circulating
  • Induced-flow
  • Jet
  • Large-diameter ceiling (blade tip dia.>84.5”)
  • Mixed-flow
  • Propeller


  • Energy-recovery
  • Heat-recovery
  • Positive pressure
  • Power roof
  • Residential ceiling


  • Acoustical duct silencers
  • Airflow-measurement stations
  • Dampers
  • Duct
  • Louver
  • Spiral gravity roof ventilation

Membership Questions


Dolores Suarez, Sr. Manager, Member Engagement and Marketing
Phone: +1 (847) 704-6322
Email: [email protected]


Preston Koh, Marketing Manager
Phone: +65 31576308
Email: [email protected]


Hassan Abou Jawhar, Regional Director
Phone: +32 (486) 35 7658
Email: [email protected]

Middle East

Hassan Abou Jawhar, Regional Director
Phone: +32 (486) 35 7658
Email: [email protected]

Company Not Eligible?

Does your company not meet the eligibility requirements as a member, but your company is a manufacturer of materials or components, or supply services or related products used by manufacturer members and want to be involved in the air systems industry? Send your Associate request to [email protected].

Is your company global with a combination of one “primary” member and additional related full members sharing at least 50% common ownership? Send your Group request to [email protected].


Advance the Air Systems Industry by Joining AMCA Today! 

Member Benefits 

Companies that value the latest market developments, strive to make a positive impact in the air systems industry, and prioritize certification, enjoy being an AMCA member. Plus, members receive:

  • Certified Ratings Program at 50% off the non-member price
  • Laboratory testing at 50% off the non-member price
  • Voting rights
  • Product Rating publications
  • Webinars
  • Advocacy & Governmental Affairs updates
  • Committees, communities & networking
  • AMCA/ANSI Standards PDF free, printed copy 50% off non-member price
  • Engineering conferences 20-30% off the non-member price
  • Technical seminars 20-30% off the non-member price
  • Annual Meeting at cost
  • Can run & hold office

Join today by selecting and completing the appropriate application. 


The application is a 10-page document consisting of:

  • Application for Member or Affiliate, pages 1-2
  • Company Information, pages 3-4
  • Representation, page 5
  • Personnel Contacts, page 6
  • Additional Information, page 7
  • Nondisclosure Agreement, pages 8-9
  • Code of Ethics, page 10

Select the appropriate application based on the location of your company’s manufacturing facility.

Application- North America

Application- Outside North America

Application- Affiliate

Member Application Timeframe 



Business Days

1. Application

Submit complete, accurate documentation and return via email with the subject line, AMCA Application Submission:

Day 1

2. Verify

AMCA reviews and verifies documentation.

Day 10

3. Financial Evaluation

AMCA conducts a Dun & Bradstreet financial risk evaluation.

Day 10

4. Site visit

AMCA will schedule an informal site visit at the manufacturing location.

Day 55

5. Vote

AMCA Board of Directors formally votes.

Day 75

6. Approval

AMCA will notify you upon board vote, and if approved, send an invoice. Members will receive the AMCA 11-15 CRP Manual with License Agreement to enroll in certification.

Day 95

7. Payment

After the payment is processed, companies will receive testing access via email and members will be welcomed to the AMCA Community and receive access to members-only content.

Day 125

AMCA Sponsorship Opportunities

AMCA proudly conducts association meetings and events,offers in-person conferences and digital educational seminars, and prints award-winning industry publications throughout the year.

Promote your brand, reach the air systems industry, and support AMCA!

With whom to talk:

Tim Reilly,
Manager of Association Engagement

Phone: +1 (847) 704-6252
Email:[email protected]

Sponsorship Interest Form

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