Become Lab Accredited

Elevate the integrity and competence of your laboratory by becoming an Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA), International accredited laboratory.

Accredited Laboratory Program

The AMCA International Laboratory Accreditation Program uses testing methods recognized by AMCA Publication 111 and conducts strict audits of test equipment and laboratory procedures to ensure reliability and competence.

The average path to laboratory accreditation takes nine months and requires significant resources and time. Before considering laboratory accreditation, purchase and review the AMCA Publication 111-13 I Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Accreditation remains valid for three years, during which the quality of equipment and testing procedures must be maintained to ensure continued compliance.

Review more than 60 AMCA Accredited Laboratories.


Manufacturing companies that regularly design, fabricate, assemble, and sell products within the scope of AMCA air systems can participate in the program as either a member or affiliate. AMCA is a not-for-profit organization that offers knowledge, expertise, and certification resources exclusively to its members and affiliates through an application process.

Member or Affiliate Application

Determine if your company would like to apply as an AMCA member or affiliate. 

Manufacturers from all over the world join AMCA as a member to take advantage of the effectiveness of industry associations. This includes gaining access to valuable market intelligence and the ability to help shape codes, standards, and regulations. 

Companies that prefer to focus on testing choose the affiliate path to laboratory accreditation. Review AMCA member benefits

Phase One: Application


Phase One Application

Business Days

1. Submit

Manufactuing company submits the complete and accurate member or affiliate application package.

  1. complete and accurate 9-page application
  2. attached copy of the application fee transaction
  3. attached brochures, catalogs, or product specification sheet(s)

Day 1

2. Verify

AMCA reviews and verifies documentation.

Day 10

3. Financial Evaluation

AMCA conducts a financial risk evaluation.

Day 10

4. Site visit

AMCA schedules and conducts and informal site visit of the manufacturing facility.

Day 55

5. Vote

AMCA Board of Directors formal vote.

Day 75

6. Approval

AMCA notification of board vote. If approved, an invoice will be issued.

Day 95

7. Payment

Receive access to AMCA resources with paid invoice and certification enrollment information.

Day 125

Phase Two: Laboratory Accreditation Enrollment





Submit the complete application package by attaching the following via email to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] , subject: AMCA Lab Accreditation

  • a complete application for Accreditation of Laboratory
  • a compiled documentation on the laboratory
  • the application fee

Day 1


AMCA reviews and verifies documentation.

Day 10


After the application is approved, AMCA technical staff will select a suitable product(s) for testing and arrange a mutually convenient date for the witness test. AMCA will issue an invoice for the site visit and make travel plans upon payment.

Day 14


The applicant’s laboratory will perform the witness test, if necessary, a second witness test will be performed.

Day 60


Applicant will ship the witness test product to AMCA for a check test.

Day 70


AMCA will perform the check test and after completion, issue an invoice for the check test.

Day 90


Upon payment,

  • AMCA will release the test results
  • If necessary, indicate if any changes are required to comply with the program
  • Send a copy of the Laboratory Accreditation License Agreement for electronic signature
  • Issue the first annual license fee invoice

Day 120


Upon payment, AMCA will include the applicant to the list of Accredited Laboratory, issue the Laboratory Accreditation Plaque, and submit an AMCA signed Laboratory Accreditation License Agreement.

Day 150


AMCA Product Scope

Air Control & Movement



Acoustical duct silencer



Air-curtain unit



Airflow-measurement station


Positive pressure

Axial impeller


Power roof



Residential ceiling


Induced flow

Evaporative cooler



Large-diameter ceiling

Single room air-handler

Mixed flow

Spiral gravity roof ventilator


Accredited vs Certified

It is important to understand that the AMCA Laboratory Accreditation Program and the AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP) are two separate entities. Manufacturers should not consider product performance data, which is based on tests conducted in an accredited laboratory, as authorization to use the AMCA Seal. It's worth noting that obtaining laboratory accreditation is not mandatory for manufacturers to obtain AMCA CRP for their products.

Application Tips

Your company can expedite your time by adhering to these tips:

Phase One: Member or Affiliate Application

  • Application package submission attachments:
    1. complete an accurate 9-page application
    2. brochures, catalogs, or product specification sheet(s)
    3. copy of the application fee transaction
  • Have your AMCA product scope offerings on your website with an image and brief description.
  • Prepare to have an informal site visit within 55 days of applicant submission.
  • Pay all invoices upon receipt.
Phase Two: Laboratory Accreditation Enrollment 
  • Application package submission attachments:
    1. complete application for Accreditation of Laboratory
    2. compiled documentation on the laboratory
    3. copy of the application fee transaction
  • Send products to test on time or ahead of the due date.
  • Pay all invoices upon receipt.

    AMCA Laboratory Headquarters, USA

    30 West University Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

    Phone: +1 (847) 394-0150 | Fax: +1 (847) 253-0088

    Questions? Complete and follow the instructions of the Laboratory Accreditation Program inquiry form. Only complete forms accompanying the fee will be processed.

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