Certified Ratings Program (CRP)

AMCA International’s Certified Ratings Program (CRP) assures that a product line has been tested and rated in conformance with AMCA International’s test standards and rating requirements.

Performance seals are documented and displayed on equipment after a product has been tested and its cataloged ratings have been approved by AMCA International’s staff. Each certified product line is subject to continued check tests in AMCA International’s laboratories. All certified products are open to challenge testing that any third party or competing manufacturer may initiate. Participation in AMCA International’s CRP is voluntary and is open to members and non-members. All certified products are updated and listed by AMCA International.

Learn about the alternative types of certification available under CRP, such as CRP Ai, CRP As, CRP B, CRP L, and CRP M.


Any company or corporation - whether an AMCA International member or not - is eligible to participate in AMCA International’s Certified Ratings Program.


AMCA International’s Certified Ratings Program continues to expand throughout the world and is recognized in all industrialized countries.

Guide Specifications

When specifying a product such as a fan, louver or damper, make sure that the product is licensed to bear AMCA International’s Certified Rating Seal for performance.

CRP Violations

The AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP) can be violated a number of ways. The most common infractions include presenting a noncertified product as certified, failure to provide a check-test sample, failure to correct a product after a failed check test, changing a product without notification, and failure to correct a catalog after a product line is withdrawn.

Enforced Certification Withdrawals
The products listed below have had their certification withdrawn because of a CRP violation.
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Program Violation Notices
The products listed below are in violation of the AMCA CRP, but have not yet had their certification withdrawn.
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Non-Certified Products
The products in the list below are no longer certified to bear the AMCA CRP Seal.
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CRP Forms

Please check AMCAConnect.org, or contact certification@amca.org.