The purpose of this program is to provide a follow-up service for louvers tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 540 and ANSI/AMCA Standard 550. The products within the scope of this publication are louvers that are used for high wind and/or high intensity rain areas, as required by the ICC Code.


Joe Brooks on 2018-10-03 12:01:00

This is a comment received from a member: "A competitor tested a 4” extruded louver at UL and has applied to get AMCA540 and TAS201 approval with the State of Florida. The state was ready to approve the application except I cautioned them stating that different louver types have different reactions due to impact and the blade properties are irrelevant as to how the blade and end connection will behave. We probably need to add a paragraph in AMCA512 so that this option is not accidentally pursued. I’m not sure what stage the FBC revision cycle is at, to see if something similarcan also be included in TAS201. The State is not doing their own review but relying on the test lab and engineer of record to do the proper assessment and obviously it was not done correctly in this case.

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