The purpose of the AMCA International Certified Ratings Program (CRP) is to provide the buyer, user, and specifier assurance that the manufacturer’s published performance ratings of air system components are reliable, accurate, and in compliance with applicable national and international standards. Publication 11 provides the program requirements for the AMCA CRP.


Armin Hauer on 2024-02-02 15:01:00

Section/Figure/Table No.: Annex B

Type of Comment: Technical (substantive)

Comment (justification):
Document more clearly how internet catalogs shall be AMCA approved. What exactly triggers re-approval of an internet-based catalog? What's needed with respect to minute changes on just the web-platform versus changes involving certified product performance values or performance graphs?

Proposed Change:
If modifications of internet-based catalog systems are not changing, adding, or removing any mandatorily published product data in tabulated or graphical format, then changes of internet-based catalog systems shall not require reapproval by AMCA.

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