Testing Facilities

Unique state-of-the art testing laboratory
The testing laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment and tests in accordance with AMCA International’s test standards and other international standards. The equipment is continually calibrated and checked against dozens of AMCA International’s accredited laboratories around the world. AMCA International also performs contract tests for non-members.

The AMCA testing environment includes:

  • Four Reverberant Sound Rooms ranging in size from 6,300 cu. ft. to 61,700 cu. ft.
  • Two Water Test Facilities with chambers capable of simulating eight inches of rain-fall per hour and wind speeds of 50 mph.
  • Multi-nozzle Chambers that are capable of measuring airflow up to 88,000 cfm.
  • Circulator Fan Facility capable of testing 96 in. fans.
  • Acoustic Duct Silencer Facility
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

Air performance testing includes:

  • Developing fan curves
  • Measuring airflow, pressure, power and efficiency

Sound testing includes:

  • Inlet sound power
  • Outlet sound power
  • Total sound power

Damper testing includes:

  • Pressure drop
  • Leakage

Louver testing includes:

  • Pressure drop
  • Leakage
  • Resistance to water and wind driven rain
  • Transmission loss of acoustic louvers
  • Weather Louvers - Impact
  • Wind Driven Rain

Airflow measurement station testing includes:

  • Accuracy and pressure drop

Contract testing:

  • Non-standard tests can be performed to meet customer requirements when within the capabilities of AMCA International’s facilities.

Tours of the AMCA laboratory are available upon request