Applies to fans of all types and sizes. It is limited to the determination of airborne sound emission for the specified setups. Vibration is not measured, nor is the sensitivity of airborne sound emission to vibration effects determined. The test setup requirements in this standard establish the laboratory conditions necessary for a successful test. Minor editorial changes were made during the approval process for designation as an American National Standard.


Shruti Kohli-Bhargava on 2021-04-21 21:53:00

Section/Figure/Table No.: TBD

Type of Comment: Technical (substantive)

Comment (justification):
AMCA 320 and AMCA 300 need to be aligned for Sound Intensity Measurements.

Proposed Change:
Add Qualification of Sound Intensity Measurements from AHRI 260 (section 5.2.1).

Joe Brooks on 2017-08-04 17:08:00

This is a comment on AMCA 300-14 (not 300-08). The small table at the top of the notes is incorrect.

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