Date: 2022-11-08 18:45:00

Note: This article appears in the 2022 edition of AMCA inmotion magazine.



Undeniably COVID-minded in our editorial planning the last two years (see “AMCA COVID-19 Guidance for Large-Diameter Ceiling Fans,” 2021 edition, and “UV-C for HVAC Air and Surface Disinfection,” 2020 edition), we at AMCA inmotion are pleased to see the  pandemic subside to the point we can return our focus to what, for us, are more traditional, bread-and-butter topics.

Case in point: this year’s cover article, “Your Questions About Life-Safety Dampers Answered,” in which four members of AMCA’s Fire and Smoke Damper Subcommittee share their responses to the application, installation, and maintenance questions most commonly put to them by customers.

Optimizing the efficiency and extending the life of axial and centrifugal fans while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and lost productivity is the focus of “Remote Monitoring for Improved Industrial-Fan Maintenance and Performance.”

Hurricane Ian in September 2022 was a devastating reminder of the havoc tropical storms can wreak. ANSI/AMCA Standard 550 establishes uniform methods of testing and rating the high-performance louvers utilized in areas prone to high-velocity-wind conditions, where water penetration is a chief concern of building owners and operators. To learn more, read “Application of AMCA 550-Rated Wind-Driven-Rain-Resistant Louvers.”

Like extreme-weather events, occupant heat strain—the physiological response when heat load exceeds the body’s ability to reject heat—is being made worse by the accelerating rate of climate change. “Reducing Climate-Change-Induced Heat Strain and HVAC Performance Loss With Circulating Fans” examines the predicted performance of buildings at significant risk from climate change and illustrates how the use of circulating fans can reduce cooling demand in conditioned buildings and heat strain in unconditioned buildings.

A return to more familiar topics does not necessarily mean “business as usual” for AMCA. In “Q&A With New AMCA Executive Director Kevin Faltin and 2022-2023 AMCA President Mark Bublitz,” two of AMCA’s leaders talk impending regulation of commercial and industrial fans and blowers—a monumental development, to say the least—and the association’s new strategic plan. “AMCA Europe Update,” meanwhile, discusses efforts to transform Europe’s energy infrastructure and system in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Scott Arnold is manager of industry content for AMCA International and editor in chief of AMCA inmotion.