Give yourself some credit

Oct 13, 2020

...Some (PDH) Credit that is.

by Lisa Cherney
AMCA Education Manager

AMCA first issued Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits for education programs on December 3, 2007, for the 2007 Sound & Sound Testing Seminar. Since then, through the September 30, 2020 webinar on Environmental Noise Due to Fans and Equipment, AMCA has issued a whopping 5,787.5 total PDH’s. Impressive numbers! And in case you don’t already know, nearly all the education programs AMCA hosts offer PDH credit to all attendees, information which is mentioned in all program promotions when applicable.

The organization AMCA is a member of, and through which the PDH credits are issued, is the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP). RCEP is “a comprehensive, nationwide registry of continuing education providers that have demonstrated adherence to high-quality, effective practices in the development and delivery of education activities” for engineers, surveyors, and related Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry professionals. RCEP ( maintains a very useful master calendar of its members’ education offerings that the members can choose to make available to the public. Programs such as AMCA’s insite™ Webinars are listed on that calendar.

If you ask AMCA Education staff, any presenters of our webinars or in-person sessions, or firms/establishments that have hosted AMCA programs, they can all tell you that RCEP requirements and standards are very comprehensive, and AMCA is extremely diligent about ensuring all guidelines are followed carefully. We want to ensure that the professionals who need PDH credits to maintain their license, or those who want to document participation in continuing education efforts in general, are receiving the highest and verifiable level of professional development opportunities possible. We feel a great responsibility to maintain this standard of quality and are privileged to have so many AMCA Members and industry professionals who trust us and partake in our efforts.

ACTION ITEM: Don’t miss out on your PDH’s! It is as easy as:

  1. Do not join live programs late or depart early.
  2. Fill out the required survey afterwards.
  3. When viewing a recorded program, take the quiz.

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