The purpose of this standard is to establish a laboratory method for determining the aerodynamic performance of fan arrays. Key performance metrics are airflow rate, pressures, shaft power, and electrical power for fan arrays. This standard is an adjunct to ANSI/AMCA Standard 210 to accommodate the unique requirements of fan arrays.


This standard is limited to testing and reporting aerodynamic performance and fan electrical power (FEP) of fans employing direct-drive transmissions, including:

  • Optional calculation of fan shaft power based on motor calibration and measurement of electrical input power of individual fans or an overall fan array.
  • Optional partitions between fans.
  • Optional appurtenances or design features that affect aerodynamic performance.
  • Optional speed controllers serving individual fans, groups of fans or all fans of the array.


  • Fan arrays using mechanical transmissions, such as belt drives or gear drives.
  • Fan arrays that control individual fans to different speeds.
  • Fan arrays using different fan types or sizes.
  • Fan arrays using individually ducted fan inlets, fan outlets or both.
  • Fan arrays that cannot directly accept sinusoidal AC electric power or DC power.


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