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Joseph Brooks on 2022-03-09 21:26:52

Section/Figure/Table No.: 3.1

Type of Comment: General

Comment (justification):
Need a definition for "transverse duct connectors"

Proposed Change:
Add definition for transverse duct connectors". Submitted on behalf of the AMCA 511 committee.

Joseph Brooks on 2022-03-09 21:25:23

Section/Figure/Table No.: 3.1

Type of Comment: General

Comment (justification):
Spiral duct is not defined in not defined in AMCA 511 or AMCA 99.

Proposed Change:
Add definition of spiral duct. Submitted on behalf of the AMCA 511 Committee.

Armin Hauer on 2018-12-11 20:45:00

Clarity, See email to Erin.

Armin Hauer on 2018-12-11 11:46:36

clarity, see email to Erin on Dec 11, 2018

David Johnson on 2018-11-13 07:21:00

Air Curtain Standard 220 introduced new method to define ACU construction and orientation as well as updating other definitions.

Joe Brooks on 2018-11-09 12:01:00

Several entries for these ISO definitions refer to other sections of ISO 13349. However the text does not indicate that the reference is in another document. The reader would assume it is in this document and be unable to find it.l

Armin Hauer on 2017-08-22 11:04:00

This footnote occurs 29 times in the standard: "See Annex B for ISO definition of this term" Each time it is is used in-line but separated from the text by one line. And Asterix is missing each time form the expression.

Armin Hauer on 2017-08-22 11:38:00

All figures are missing from what was excerpted from ISO 13349. Annex B mentions figure numbers that are used in the main part of AMCA 99.

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