ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Oct. 12, 2023—Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. announces the publication of ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L-23, Laboratory Methods of Testing Louvers for Rating.

Superseding ANSI/AMCA 500-L-2012 (Rev. 12-15), ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L-23 establishes uniform methods of laboratory testing air leakage, air performance (pressure drop), water penetration, wind-driven-rain and wind-driven-sand resistance, and operational torque. It may be used as a basis for testing louvers with air as the test gas.

Stakeholders are louver manufacturers, building engineers, consumers, and regulatory bodies.

Changes to ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L include:

  • The addition and clarification of definitions.
  • Improvements to the water-performance test-rig and calibration procedure.
  • Improvements to the wind-driven-rain test.
  • The addition of a section on free-area measurement.
  • Updated constants in equations for agreement with ANSI/AMCA Standard 210-16/ASHRAE Standard 51-16, Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating.
  • Updated louver-leakage procedure harmonized with ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-D-18, Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating.
  • The addition of an annex defining wind-driven-rain classes.
  • Clarification of, and the provision of additional details on, louver-core-area measurement.
  • The addition of discharge-loss-coefficient and class calculation.

The cost of ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L-23 is $90 in printed or PDF format and $122 in both printed and PDF formats. To purchase a copy, click here.

For more information about ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L-23, contact Director of Publications and Standards Joe Brooks, PE, at [email protected] or Senior Manager, Publications and Standards, Shruti Kohli-Bhargava at [email protected].