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Certified Ratings Program - A Closer Look

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One of AMCA International’s most important functions is managing its many Certified Ratings Programs. The purpose of the Certified Rating Program (CRP) is to give the buyer, specifier, and end user of air movement and control equipment, assurance that published ratings are reliable and accurate. At the same time, the program assures manufacturers that competitive ratings are based on standard test methods and procedures, and are subject to review by AMCA International as an impartial authority.

AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program (CRP) was developed in response to a need for validated published product performance ratings for buyers, specifiers, and users of air movement and control devices.
The AMCA CRP assures specifiers, contractors, buyers, and building owners that the manufacturer’s product lines have been tested and rated in conformance with approved AMCA test standards and rating requirements. Only after the product has been tested and the manufacturer’s cataloged ratings have been submitted to and approved by AMCA International’s staff, can performance seals be displayed in literature and on equipment. Additionally, each certified / licensed product line is subject to continuing check tests every three years in AMCA International’s Laboratory or one of AMCA International’s Independent Accredited laboratories.
Over the past 50 plus years, AMCA International has developed standardized test methods to cover the products within the AMCA scope. The list of products includes axial and centrifugal fans, power roof ventilators, ceiling ventilators, evaporative coolers, air circulation fans, jet tunnel fans, blowers, air curtains, acoustical duct silencers, dampers, energy recovery ventilators, louvers, positive pressure ventilators, propeller fans, agricultural fans, and airflow measurement stations. These standards cover performance relating to airflow measurement accuracy, air delivery, pressure, psychrometrics, efficiency, power, torque, rpm, thrust, sound power levels, velocity uniformity, outlet velocity, wind driven rain, water penetration, pressure drop, air leakage, dynamic closure and operations.
Product performance is vital to the operation and continued success of the manufacturer. Requiring the AMCA CRP seal gives specifiers, contractors, and building owners assurance that manufacturers’ performance ratings are comparable, and their product lines have been tested and rated in conformance with AMCA test standards, and program requirements.
What to look for when specifying or purchasing product
AMCA Certified: A product line which is AMCA certified / licensed to bear the Certified Ratings Seal, means that the product line has met all of the requirements of the Certified Ratings Program. This would include signing an agreement with AMCA, and testing the product line at either an AMCA Accredited lab, an AMCA Independent Laboratory authorized to perform check and challenge tests, or the AMCA International Laboratory located in Arlington Heights, IL USA. This ensures that all ratings were developed using the procedures identified in the AMCA Certified Ratings Program, and the product line will be (or has been) subjected to a check test at no greater than three year intervals. Additionally, the product line catalog has been checked by AMCA International staff ensuring that the ratings and information are correct.
AMCA International’s seal is a registered trademark in most industrialized countries.
Tested in accordance with: Suggests that a manufacturer used one of the AMCA standards to perform a test. It does not certify anything about the ratings development, or the qualifications of the laboratory. This is not a certification! AMCA's standards are readily available to the public, and any entity could state they have used an AMCA standard to test their product(s).
Tested at AMCA: Implies that a product was tested at the AMCA International Laboratory in Arlington Heights, IL USA. This is not a certification!Tested at AMCA would carry the same limitations as "tested in accordance with" except that it would certainly mean the laboratory results are reliable.
By specifying AMCA International’s Certified Ratings Seal; specifiers, designers, contractors, and building owners can be relieved of certain liability problems, or legal entanglements frequently encountered in today’s litigious climate. You can specify products with confidence by requesting "Performance ratings shall bear the AMCA International Certified Ratings Program Seal". This simple statement can greatly assist a specifier in demonstrating that "due diligence" was exercised in selecting equipment and that reasonable steps were taken to ensure that performance guarantees would be met.
A directory of certified / licensed product listed by manufacturer name and product type, is available at www.amca.org