Testing & Certifications

About CRP

Certified Rating Program (CRP)
AMCA International's Certified Ratings Program (CRP) assures that a product line has been tested and rated in conformance with AMCA International's test standards and rating requirements.

Performance seals may be displayed in literature and on equipment after a product has been tested and its cataloged ratings have been submitted to and approved by AMCA International's staff. Each certified product line is subject to continuing check tests in AMCA International's laboratories. All certified products are open to challenge testing which competing manufacturers, or any third party, may initiate. Participation in AMCA International's CRP is voluntary and open to members and non-members. AMCA International maintains an up-to-date listing of certified products.

AMCA International's members recognized from the day the association was formed that its Certified Ratings Programs were, and would continue to be, the most important function of the Association. Their purpose is to give the buyer, specifier, and user of air movement and control equipment assurance that published ratings are reliable and accurate. At the same time, the program assures manufacturers that competitive ratings are based on standard test methods and procedures, and are subject to review by AMCA International as an impartial authority.

Eligibility: Any company or corporation - whether an AMCA International member or not - is eligible to participate in AMCA International's Certified Ratings Program.

International: AMCA International's Certified Ratings Program continues to expand throughout the world and is recognized in all industrialized countries.

In addition to its principal testing laboratory located in Arlington Heights, Illinois U.S.A., there exists an international network of over forty accredited laboratories and two independent, accredited laboratories that support AMCA International's Certified Ratings Programs.

Guide Specifications
When specifying a product (fan, louvers, dampers, etc.) make sure the product is licensed to bear AMCA International's Certified Rating Seal for performance.

The Certified Ratings Seal assures you that a product has been tested using the appropriate test standard. The tests are performed in AMCA's laboratory in Arlington Heights, Illinois, or at an AMCA International Accredited Laboratory. Each licensed product is subject to continuing check tests.

AMCA International maintains an online Directory of Certified Products. Manufacturers' catalogs and published ratings must be submitted to AMCA International's staff for approval before publication.

AMCA International is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the certification of performance ratings on fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains, airflow measurement stations, acoustic attenuators, and other air system components for industrial, commercial, and residential markets.