This standard may be used as a basis for testing louvers with air used as the test gas.

Requirements intended to demonstrate the performance of a louver and are not intended to determine the acceptability level of performance. The scope of this standard is NOT to indicate actual sequences of testing, nor is it in its scope to specify minimum or maximum criteria for testing.


Mike Steele on 2021-10-07 15:00:00

Section/Figure/Table No.: 5.2

Type of Comment: Technical (substantive)

Comment (justification):
Rounding of the span length in mm/cm/in. needs to be clarified.

Proposed Change:
After first sentence of 5.2: "The shown span(s) shall be rounded to the nearest 1 mm, 0.1 cm (1/32 of an inch)."

Tim Reilly on 2021-11-29 20:38:00

Section/Figure/Table No.: Figure 1

Type of Comment: General

Comment (justification):
In "Notes" it mentions two louvers placed back to back. Can we please define whether this is intended to mean two independent louvers secured together or does this also include a horizontal blade and vertical blade combined on a single frame.

Proposed Change:

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