The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform methods for laboratory testing of louvers that are impact tested with the large missile described in ASTM E 1996-04 and E 1886-05.


Melissa Massar on 2020-02-17 22:32:00

Section/Figure/Table No.: 4.2

Type of Comment: Technical (substantive)

Comment (justification):
There are louvers on the market that consistent of a combination of two louvers back to back - one louver being horizontal and the other louver being vertical. I could not locate any verbiage in the standard as to whether these louvers should be considered horizontal or vertical when determining the specimen sizes.

Proposed Change:
Propose that these louvers follow the guidance of the blade direction of the front lover which will see the impact missile first - i.e. it shall be considered horizontal if the front louver is horizontal and the rear louver is vertical.

Craig Berkshire on 2017-09-18 14:51:00

is there any testing or reporting on impact resistant items in the aftermath of recent hurricanes? i would just like to know the extra we are paying for these products is paying off.

Amanda Muledy on 2017-05-05 11:23:00

The 550 committee revised their Section 9, which coincides with Section 11 in 540. They suggested 540 adapt the same changes. The changes are noted in the comments of the Word draft that the committee will work on in Box.

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