ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., May 5, 2023—Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. announces the release of AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23), Certified Ratings Program Product Rating Manual for Fan Air Performance.

Superseding AMCA Publication 211-22, AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23) prescribes technical procedures for rating fans and axial impellers for air performance to be used in connection with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP).

AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23) coordinates the AMCA CRP with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requirements for large-diameter ceiling fans (LDCF). Changes were made to sections 9.11, “Rating method N: Large-diameter ceiling fans,” and 22, “Product Ratings Requirements for Large-Diameter Ceiling Fans.” Additionally, the title of Section 20 was changed.

Changes in AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23) include:

  • The addition of the DOE definition of large-diameter ceiling fan.
  • The addition to the list of rating requirements the number of available fan speeds, the capability of reverse flow, and, if applicable, whether fan-speed controls are separate from lighting controls.
  • The allowance of conservative standby-power-consumption ratings.
  • The addition of testing voltage requirements for LDCF regulated by the DOE and having polyphase electricity.

AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23) is available in PDF format free of charge. To download a copy, click here.

For more information about AMCA Publication 211-22 (Rev. 01-23), contact Director of Publications and Standards Joe Brooks, PE, at [email protected] or Senior Manager, Publications and Standards Shruti Kohli-Bhargava at [email protected].