Date: 2020-01-20 16:09:08
Category: Air Movement
Author: Michael Ivanovich (AMCA International), Ron Wroblewski, PE (Productive Energy Solutions LLC), and Jeff Boldt, PE, FASHRAE (IMEG Corp.)
Published by: Fan energy index (FEI) is replacing fan efficiency grade as a metric for efficiency provisions in ASHRAE standards and the International Energy Conservation Code. Additionally, U.S. appliance-efficiency regulations for commercial and industrial fans and blowers are being developed around FEI. FEI is more than a rating metric, however. It also is a design tool, one that can be used by application and design engineers to reduce energy consumption through right-sizing of fans for variable-air-volume (VAV) and constant-speed (CS) systems. This article summarizes FEI as a regulatory metric and provides guidance for using FEI in VAV and CS applications.

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