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Met-Pro Technologies d/b/a HEE Enviro. Eng. & Duall Air & Water Technologies

1172 South M-13 Lennon MI 48449 UNITED STATES
(989) 725-8184

Centrifugal Fan

HPC Series FRP Centrifugal Fan

Air Performance

HPCA Series FRP Centrifugal Air Foil Fan

Air Performance

Type NH Backwardly Inclined Corrosion Resistant Exhaust Fan

FEG Air Performance
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    indicates FEG

    FEGModelFEG NumberFEG Peak Total Efficiency
    NH Size 108 1/28061.56
    NH Size 1208061.56
    NH Size 24 1/2
    NH Size 27
    NH Size 30
    NH Size 33
    NH Size 36 1/2
    NH Size 40
    NH Size 44 1/2
    NH Size 497571.04
    NH Size 547571.04
    NH Size 607571.04
    NH Size 667571.04
    NH Size 738075.06
    NH Size 80 1/28075.06
    NH Size 898075.06
    NH Size 988075.06

Type R2B2 Radial Corrosion Resistant Exhaust Fans

Air Performance

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