The AMCA Speakers Network—an Opportunity to Grow, Influence, AND Network

Tim Reilly
Manager, Association Engagement

As you may have heard, AMCA recently launched the AMCA Speakers Network, a group of subject-matter experts available to present on topics impacting the air-systems industry. It is the latest in the association’s efforts to advance the knowledge of air systems and uphold industry integrity on behalf of its members worldwide.

What audiences and AMCA get out of the AMCA Speakers Network is clear, but it was not until a recent ambassador visit with AMCA member PennBarry in Plano, Texas, that my eyes were opened to a benefit for presenters (besides the opportunity—and, if needed, the assistance—to hone their presentation skills and raise their profile in the industry): access to groups of people they otherwise might not have the bandwidth to approach/network with on their own.

As one of my hosts, Commercial Product Manager Daniel Hernandez-Reyes, said, the AMCA Speakers Network “is a great opportunity to continue the AMCA mission of advancing the knowledge of air systems in the industry, while at the same time providing a unique opportunity to its members and participants to increase their network and reach.”

With the AMCA Speakers Network targeting not only engineering firms, but technical schools, universities, and ASHRAE chapters, we believe we are providing an excellent opportunity for our volunteer speakers to establish new relationships while advancing the educational tenet of our mission statement.

If you have been on the fence about participating in the AMCA Speakers Network, please know we still are accepting applications. Applying does not commit you to anything; it simply means you are interested in and would consider presenting. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and expand your base of contacts, you have nothing to lose.

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