by Lisa Cherney, AMCA Education Manager

AMCA International has three core tenets to our strategic plan: Advocate, Certify, and Educate.

To make our educational offerings as easily accessible and widely available as possible to AMCA members and non-members alike, we have invested in a new online learning platform. Almost all offerings are PDH eligible, and on this site you will find the following:

  • Webinar recordings—All of AMCA’s previous webinars are available for viewing for PDH credit. The required quizzes and surveys are included, as well as the PDF versions of the presentations, in one location. After each live program takes place, the recording and related materials are posted for on-demand viewing at your convenience. There is a nominal fee for viewing these recordings when PDH credit is desired. However, if you do not want PDH credit you can access the recordings only at
  • Education modules—Mostly one hour in length each, these courses provide information on fundamental, industry-related topics. Current modules include Fan System Effects and Basics of Acoustics. Once each module is reviewed and the learner successfully passes the end-of-program quiz, PDH credit will be earned. We continuously have new modules in development and partner with subject matter experts from Member companies to ensure the material being produced is accurate, thorough, and relevant to industry professionals of all experience levels. There is a nominal fee for taking these module courses.
  • Free Mini-Modules—Designed mainly to offer quick instruction on Member-related topics and benefits, these free sessions give all professionals a look at the “inner workings” of AMCA membership. We are constantly developing and posting new mini-modules.

All offerings on the platform are self-paced and can be completed at your convenience!

Other perks of the learning platform:

  • Users can communicate online with others taking the same courses or viewing the same webinars, and questions can be asked of the original program presenters.
  • Digital badging is coming soon, and once earned those badges can be added to users’ resumes, social media accounts, email footers, and such to let others know of their educational achievements.
  • You will also want to watch for discount specials and program bundles!
  • New content will continually be added to the platform, and it will be a living, breathing arena for ongoing educational opportunities.

As our mission statement says: Our mission is to advance the knowledge of air systems and uphold industry integrity on behalf of AMCA members worldwide. AMCA is committed to always providing Members and industry professionals with the highest level of education and information possible.

To register and get started on the platform, please go to

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