Meet the newly-elected Air Movement and Control Association International Board Member Shelly Bibby, General Manager, Construction Specialties Middle East. Shelly speaks of her involvement with AMCA International—including her new role on the Board of Directors, the association's role, and general observations about the industry.

Shelly was elected to her position on the Board at the 2022 AMCA Annual Meeting in October and will serve a three-year term.


AMCA Position(s) held: Vice Chair of the AMCA Middle East Region Steering Committee, Chair of the AMCA Middle East Region Marketing Committee, and a founding member of the AMCA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative.

What is the key benefit for your company from your association with AMCA?

Being a member of the Air Movement and Control Association has multiple benefits for our company. How to choose just one…maybe two. Our participation in the CRP program gives us and our customers confidence and objectivity in our product performance and ratings and enables us to continuously improve. Additionally, as a member of AMCA, we have the opportunity to work with government and regulatory bodies to help shape and promote best practices in the region related to efficiencies, performance, and safety of air movement and control products.

What is the key benefit for you personally from your association with AMCA?

I have personally found that association with AMCA is a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded members of the industry who share the same aspirations for improving transparency and knowledge. Whether it is the creation of new CRP testing standards, such as Sand Rejection which is specifically important for our Middle East region, or initiatives on a global scale, such as supporting and partnering with Women in HVACR.

How do you see AMCA changing in the future?

As is the case for any organization, the marketplace continues to become more global. As AMCA extends its reach and influence internationally, it positions AMCA to identify global challenges and opportunities. AMCA must continue to grow membership and participation internationally to leverage synergies and create solutions which support international harmonization amongst standards and regulations. Part of this process will require fostering a diverse group of companies, committees, and subject matter experts who can support these goals.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

Get involved! While being a member of AMCA comes with many advantages, you will gain even greater benefits for your company, industry, and personally if you are an active member contributing to the growth and development of AMCA’s vision and mission. Your personal knowledge will increase, your network will expand, and in turn, your ability to make a lasting, positive impact in the industry will grow.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

The AMCA Mission sums up the importance of AMCA’s presence. “To advance the knowledge of air systems and uphold industry integrity on behalf of AMCA members worldwide.” Firstly, stakeholders must understand why performance is essential (e.g., what are the ramifications of poor performance). Secondly, they need a reliable and trustworthy way to assess the performance of air systems. Ultimately, AMCA members coming together with this unified vision creates the impetus to achieve these goals and improve the industry for all stakeholders.


AMCA will continue the "Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International" series, introducing you to the Board of Directors, Committee chairpersons, active member contacts, and the AMCA International staff.

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