Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International incoming Board President, Mark Bublitz, Vice President - Industry Affairs of The New York Blower Company. Mark speaks of involvement with AMCA International—including the Board of Directors, the association's role, and general observations about the industry.

Mark will ascend to the role of Board President at the upcoming 2022 AMCA Annual Meeting in October.


AMCA Position(s) held:

  • Fan Committee – Member and Chair
  • Fan Regulation Committee – Member and Chair
  • Air Movement Division – Chair
  • AMCA ASRAC Committee – Member and Chair
  • AMCA ASRAC Negotiating Team – Chair
  • DOE Product Efficiency Task Force – Member and Chair
  • AMCARC – Member
  • AMCA Board Member
  • AMCA Executive Committee

What is the key benefit for your company from your association with AMCA?

It is hard to say there is one key benefit. I will settle on two. One benefit is the standards – in that standards provide standard ways of doing things, like running tests, and provides for the wisdom of the ages to be passed on to future generations. A second item is a representation of the industry in larger venues not typically available to a single organization, which is more powerful than a single entity or company.

What is the key benefit for you personally from your association with AMCA?

The camaraderie within the industry. The fan industry is a small, niche industry. While you can ask your engineer, sales, operations, or accounting neighbors for things like career input, finding a colleague in your job function that is in “a similar industry,” well, those people are rare. AMCA provides a community for people who “live (work) lives like myself”.

How do you see AMCA changing in the future?

AMCA is unique in that is a member-led organization with seasoned staff who both serve the membership and provide wisdom and continuity through member leadership generations. As AMCA continues to settle into a global organization, the perspective of members as well as the organization will turn from an inward to outward focus. AMCA is faced with challenges that are local to regions but will have access to the minds and talents of a global organization. The wisdom of AMCA has the opportunity to influence the world.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

The greatest challenge and greatest reward will be obtained by overcoming your own fear to engage the unknown, in particular people. Your competitors are people, and for the most part, very interesting people, and believe it or not, much like yourself. So, take the step to get to know them. The best way to do that is to serve in the organization in some role that has other people involved. Once you do that, you will discover leadership opportunities. If that interests you, you can pursue that channel as long as you desire. Whether you end up in leadership or not, your life will be enhanced by what you can learn and the relationships you will develop.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

AMCA is experiencing a wave of transformation – not necessarily within the organization but with respect to how AMCA represents the Air Movement and Control Industry. Regulation in the form of energy efficiency regulation and sustainability expectations are being imposed on the industry. AMCA is an organization uniquely poised to help balance multiple interests and to find wisdom in global solutions to the most challenging problems.

As a member, AMCA provides a unique opportunity to serve in an organization that is outside one’s own universe (company), to bring your talents and expertise to bear on challenging problems, and to achieve solutions to challenging problems in a collaborative environment.


AMCA will continue the "Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International" series, introducing you to the Board of Directors, Committee chairpersons, active member contacts, and the AMCA International staff.

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