Meet the recently appointed Air Movement and Control Association International Associate Executive Director, Kim Delort. Kim discusses her initial impressions of AMCA International—including her new role on staff, her team, the association, and general observations about the industry.

Kim joined the AMCA staff in August 2022.


What do you enjoy most working for AMCA?

So far, what I enjoy most is learning from the AMCA team and tapping into their respective areas of expertise - the lab, marketing, advocacy, all of it! It’s refreshing to work with a group of people who are so passionate about the association, our members, and the industry.

What is the key benefit you see for members who join AMCA?

Our global reach. We have a way of connecting members across the globe who can learn from each other, network, and collectively produce products that meet market needs.

How do you see AMCA changing in the future?

As our members grow, we grow, so I see our very important Certified Ratings Program (CRP) expanding into new product lines and new regions.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

Don’t be hesitant to try new things and volunteer for projects when an opportunity arises. You never know where your path will lead and being involved in a variety of experiences can open different and exciting career doors.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

AMCA International is really a small team with a very big global job! In my brief time here, I can already see the positive impact and necessary contributions of every employee.


AMCA will continue the "Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International" series, introducing you to the board of directors, committee chairpersons, active member contacts, and the AMCA International staff.

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