Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International Executive Director, Kevin Faltin. Kevin talks about his impressions of AMCA International—including working with our members, the association's role in the industry, and leading the global organization into the next decade.

Kevin will lead his first 2022 AMCA Annual Meeting next week in Lake Tahoe, California.


How long have you been with the Air Movement and Control Association?

I joined AMCA in March of 2022.

What do you enjoy most working for AMCA?

Working with our members, industry associates, and the AMCA team. The air movement and control industry is a passionate group. It’s great to be a part of such a dedicated, knowledgeable industry. As we face upcoming industry challenges, it has been impressive to see AMCA take a leadership role in developing technical information, coordinating messaging, and leading the efforts for the betterment of the industry and the well-being of our members.

What is the key benefit you see for members who join AMCA?

AMCA is uniquely positioned within the industry. We are a standards development organization (SDO), a testing organization (TO), a certification organization (CO) and a laboratory accreditor. A member of AMCA can influence industry standards that are referenced worldwide. As a member, you can test at AMCA laboratories (or an AMCA accredited laboratory) and certify your products under AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program. Being a member of AMCA portrays your company as an industry leader and differentiates your products from your competitors.

How do you see AMCA changing in the future?

AMCA has historically been a North America-focused organization, and we foresee further expansion to continue. With that in mind, international growth is integral to our strategic plan. We currently have a higher number of members outside of North America. The business has recently been aligned by region to further drive growth based on the demands of local markets. Our vision of “Global Reach Local Touch” is to leverage our 100+ years of industry leadership to grow internationally while maintaining the flexibility to meet our regional members' needs.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

Get involved. AMCA has plenty of opportunities for engineers, salespeople, marketing professionals, etc., to participate in committees and various working groups. Your involvement will allow you to network with industry colleagues, increase your knowledge of the air movement and control industry, and provide you the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

AMCA has a long history as the air movement and control industry leader. As we look to continue our success, we must be willing to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. We strive for operational excellence in everything. We advocate for our members internationally and continue to engage the industry to grow the association. AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program is a market differentiator globally. We will continue to work with our members to expand the program and help them win in the marketplace.


AMCA will continue the "Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International" series, introducing you to the Board of Directors, Committee chairpersons, active member contacts, and the AMCA International staff.

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