Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International Advocacy Committee Chairperson for the Air Movement Division, Christian Taber, Principal Engineer—Codes and Standards for AMCA member company, Big Ass Fans. Christian speaks of his involvement with AMCA International—including his role on AMCA committees, the association's role, and general observations about the industry.


AMCA Position(s) held: AMCARC Chair, Numerous review committees

What is the key benefit for your company from your association with AMCA?

Working with the air movement and control industry to educate customers on the proper application of our products, working together to increase building energy efficiency through codes and standards, and creating a level playing field for all manufacturers.

What is the key benefit for you personally from your association with AMCA?

The opportunity to work towards goals I would never have imagined as a young engineer.

How do you see AMCA changing in the future?

Hopefully, a more significant global presence and working to see more AMCA standards incorporated codes and regulations worldwide.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

I mostly tell them not to be afraid to raise their hands when someone asks for a volunteer. Some of my most rewarding projects have come from doing something utterly unfamiliar that nobody else wanted to do.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

A great group of people to work with. AMCA staff and the volunteers from the member companies are some of the most motivated and most intelligent people you will ever meet. The work being done by AMCA committees in 2023 will significantly impact our industry for decades to come.


AMCA will continue the "Meet the Air Movement and Control Association International" series, introducing you to the Board of Directors, Committee chairpersons, active member contacts, and the AMCA International staff.

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