The Air Movement and Control Association International is proud to recognize leaders from our member companies who have made, and continue to make, contributions to the association and the industry.

Our November 2022 recognition goes to David Johnson, Director of the Engineering Group for Berner International LLC.— a distinguished past president and chairman of the AMCA International board.


AMCA Position(s) held:

AMCA Board of Directors and Executive Committee (President, Chairman), Chair of AMCA Air Curtain Engineering Committee, Chair AMCA Air Movement Division, Chair AMCA Air Movement Division Engineering Committee, Chair of AMCA Standards 99, 220, 210, 211, Chair of Publications, 11, 222, 300, 311, Chair of DOE Regulation Committee and AMCA Affiliations Chair of Us TAG to ISO/TC117; Chair ISO TC117/WG9

How long have you been active with AMCA?

I started in 1992 on the Air Curtain Engineering Committee.

You’re being recognized for being a key contributor to AMCA’s success; what accomplishment are you most proud of during your time with AMCA?

I am most proud of spearheading the roadmap for the energy code air curtain vestibule exception project. Starting with AMCA broadening their staff and consultant Regulatory Affairs scope to include air curtains. Ending with a full-on team and industry effort responsible for researching and validating air curtain performance that successfully changed the energy codes.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your professional career?

Playing one of the leading roles in the energy code air curtain vestibule exception project and air curtain effectiveness concept while developing products and patents key to Berner International’s success.

What is the most significant change you have seen in the association or industry in the last 5-10 years?

AMCA’s pivot from being an organization focused heavily on an international CRP to an association that provides services for its members based on region and industry needs and trends.

What are your words of advice for upcoming/younger employees of AMCA member companies?

Participate, respect, be open-minded, serve with integrity, learn from those with experience, and most of all, enjoy yourself.

General observations or thoughts about AMCA International?

AMCA has had so many accomplishments and impact on the industry worldwide; it is a real tribute to the current members, staff, and those who have participated over the years. AMCA is a small, nimble organization that does a great job of serving the membership. So well that sometimes it gives the impression of a much larger organization.

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