Code of Ethics

AMCA International Provides a forum for active participation in code work to benefit the industries

Code of Ethics

Members must also agree to abide by a strict code of ethics that include agreements among others to ensure that:

  1. All representations made to a purchaser or user through advertising, catalogs, or other media are factual and properly descriptive of the performance of the products so advertised and sold.
  2. Any guarantees or warranties made in connection with such products are clearly presented and fair to the purchaser or user.
  3. When it is necessary to substitute products for those designated, the seller will accurately represent its products and take steps to ensure that there is no confusion between products specified and products delivered.
  4. Only those products that actually comply with established test specifications, standards, or codes, in all respects can be identified or labeled as conforming thereto.

AMCA International Antitrust Guidelines

For an Adobe PDF of the complete antitrust guidelines file click this link.

The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA International) provides members the lawful opportunity to meet together to transact AMCA International business and to further AMCA International’s legitimate goals. Such lawful activities include: the development of performance standards that provide a benefit to the public, the running of certification programs, the petitioning of federal, state, local, or foreign governments on issues that have an impact on AMCA International’s members as a whole, the promotion of the industry, the conducting of educational programs, the provision of statistical reporting, and the conducting of pre-competitive research. Because participants in AMCA International’s meetings are companies with competing, and sometimes opposing economic interests, AMCA International’s actions are subject to close antitrust scrutiny.