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ANSI/AMCA Standard 205-12: Energy Efficiency Classification for Fans
This standard defines the energy efficiency classification for fans. The scope includes fans having an impeller diameter of 125 mm (5 in.) or greater, operating with a shaft power 750 W (1 hp) and above and having a total efficiency calculated according to one of the following fan test standards: ANSI/AMCA 210, ANSI/AMCA 230, AMCA 260, or ISO 5801. All other fans are excluded. The standard only applies to the fan, not the fan drive or the fan system. 

This standard can be used by legislative or regulatory bodies to define the energy efficiency requirements of fans used in specific applications. It is referenced in ASHRAE 90.1-2013; ASHRAE 189.1-2014; and ICC International Energy Conservation Code (2015).

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