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AMCA International Revises AMCA Publication 11

9/29/2016  more >>


AMCA International Announces New Staff and Reorganization

9/15/2016  more >>


AMCA International Revises ANSI/AMCA Standard 210

9/12/2016  more >>


AMCA International Appoints C.K. So to the Board of Directors

6/28/2016   more >>


AMCA International Appoints Mark Belke to Americas Region Chair

6/28/2016   more >>


AMCA International Publishes White Paper: "Introduction to Intake and Exhaust Louvers"

6/23/2016   more >>


AMCA International Announces Asia AMCA Adds Member to the Board of Directors

6/15/2016   more >>


AMCA International Launches the AMCA Fan Energy Waste Calculator

5/09/2016   more >>


AMCA International Seeks AMCA Standard 220 Committee Members

4/13/2016   more >>


AMCA International Revises AMCA Publication 511

4/7/2016   more >>


AMCA International Revises AMCA Publication 600

3/29/2016   more >>


AMCA International Announces New Online Store in Partnership with Techstreet

2/3/2016   more >>


AMCA International adds Sand Louvers to Certified Ratings Program

1/18/2016   more >>


AMCA International Revises AMCA Standard 500-L and Publication 511

1/18/2016   more >>


AMCA International Appoints Saad Ali as Chair of Middle East Region Marketing Committee

1/18/2016   more >>


AMCA International Hosts Middle East Technical Seminar in Dubai

12/15/2015   more >>


AMCA International Announces 2015-2016 President and Board of Directors

12/2/2015   more >>


AMCA Confers Distinguished Service Award to Art LaPointe

12/2/2015   more >>


AMCA Chairman Awarded Doctorate of Science

8/6/2015   more >>

European AMCA Membership Elects Region Chair

7/10/2015   more >>

AMCA International and CETIAT Sign Independent Accredited Laboratory Agreement

4/15/2015   more >>


AMCA announces Mark Stevens as the new executive director and Wade Smith as the

new director of public policy

5/6/2015 more >>


AMCA is seeking volunteers for a new document-creation committee to author a new standard that
will introduce the fan efficiency ratio (FER).
2/23/2015   more >>


AMCA Confers Distinguished Service Award Upon Ed and Lee Buddrus of ACME
1/23/2015   more >>

Read Wade Smith's Article: Fan Basics Related to Filtration Systems
6/2/2014  more >>