AMCA International approves AMCA Publication 503-08, Fire, Ceiling (Radiation), Smoke, and Fire/Smoke Dampers Application Manual

November 19, 2008
For immediate release
Arlington Heights, IL USA—October 15, 2008–The Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) International approved AMCA 503-08, a new Application Manual for Fire, Ceiling (Radiation), Smoke and Fire/Smoke Dampers. This application manual serves as a guide to understanding the various types and special nature of fire, ceiling (radiation), smoke and fire/smoke damper products so that they may be properly selected, applied, installed, inspected, and maintained.
AMCA 503-08 includes not only general information, but also important points to consider when designing an installation or when specifications are written for the purpose of such equipment. 
Additionally, this new publication covers damper products tested and rated per the requirements of AMCA International, Underwriters Laboratories, and other independent testing laboratories.  The installation and application of these products, specifically fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, and ceiling radiation dampers, are presented as standard industry tested practices in generic form.
Specific damper designs are used when it is necessary to control the spread of fire, heat or smoke in an air handling system. Included and referenced in AMCA 503-08 Application Manual are: Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers, Ceiling (radiation) Damper, Corridor Damper, and Smoke Control Systems. 
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