AMCA High Performance Air Systems (HPAS)

A High Performance Air System is...

High-performance air systems (HPAS) apply modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology to optimize energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.

HPAS concepts integrate the strategies of right-sizing, free-cooling using outside air, zone optimization, and minimizing static pressure, system leakage, and system effects.

HPAS technologies include high-efficiency fans, outside air economizers, low-leakage dampers and ducts, low-pressure-drop components, diagnostic sensors, and digital controls.

The purpose of this Website is to inform the buildings industry about the characteristics and benefits of High Performance Air Systems (HPAS), and to provide resources for their design, installation, operations, and maintenance.


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  • Green Ductwork Done Right, by John Reints, PE, (consulting engineer) and Gene Smithart, PE, Trane. An in-depth presentation on high-velocity static-regain duct systems, which reduce first costs and operating costs.

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