Welcome to the Energy Initiatives section of AMCA International’s website.

This section provides information and resources aimed at improving the energy performance of air systems in commercial and industrial buildings.

Information and resources are provided in the following sections:
  • AMCA Energy Initiatives Blog: Blog by Michael Ivanovich, AMCA Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives.  Updated regularly to provide status on air-system developments in codes, standards, and government regulations.  Also posts announcements about publications, conferences, tradeshows, and symposiums.  Visitors can "follow" the blog and automatically receive alerts via email of new posts.  This is the fastest and easiest way to become advised of developments in AMCA energy initiatives.

  • Codes and Standards: Description and status of codes/standards activities that AMCA is involved in pertaining to energy efficient, high-performance air systems.

  • Best Practices: Links to online resources for design and specification of high-performance air systems.

  • AMCA Energy Focus Newsletter: AMCA Energy Focus is a newsletter published by AMCA International to keep its members and the public informed about air-system energy codes, standards, news, and events.

  • How to find Fan Efficiency Grades (FEGs): Step-by-step procedures for finding AMCA-certified FEG-rated fans on the AMCA online database managed by the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.

  • High Performance Air Systems (HPAS)

  • AMCA Green Tips: AMCA Green Tips for High Performance Air Systems

  • Research/White Papers: AMCA Research and Whitepaper Repository

  • PBER Webinar, 03/10/2014 (Members Only): View AMCA International's PBER webinar that was conducted on March 10th, 2014.  This webinar is for members only and a valid MyAMCA user name and password is required to view the presentation.

Please send comments and suggestions regarding this page to Michael Ivanovich, Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, AMCA International.

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