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Powermate Direct Drive Panel Fans
12BA50, 12BA51, 12BA54, 12BB51, 12BC52, 12BC61, 12BD48, 12BD55, 12BD56, 12BD57, 12BE63, 12BF47, 12BF55, 12BF60, 12BH62, 12BI43, 12BI48, 12BI57, 12BK58, 12BK59, 12BL58, 12CA53, 12CA54, 12CB48, 12CB49, 12CB60, 12CB60, 12CC56, 12CC62, 12CD61, 12CD62, 12CE50, 12CE51, 12CE57, 12CE59, 12CE63, 12CE64, 12CF50, 12CF61, 12CF63, 12CF64, 12CF67, 12CG66, 12CG69, 12CH60, 12CH70, 12CI51, 12CI65, 12CI67, 12CK64, 12CK66, 12CL6, 12DA64, 12DB60, 12DB61, 12DC47, 12DC52, 12DD49, 12DD55, 12DD59, 12DE64, 12DE64, 12DF52, 12DF60, 12DF60, 12DF63, 12DF65, 12DF66, 12DF66, 12DF67, 12DG56, 12DG67, 12DG68, 12DG68, 12DH45, 12DH57, 12DH60, 12DH65, 12DH67, 12DH68, 12DH70, 12DH70, 12DI45, 12DI60, 12DI66, 12DI67, 12DJ51, 12DJ57, 12DJ60, 12DK50, 12DK60, 12DK67, 12EA57, 12EA61, 12EB53, 12EB64, 12EC57, 12EC61, 12EC67, 12EC69, 12ED57, 12ED62, 12ED65, 12ED68, 12ED70, 12EE54, 12EE56, 12EE57, 12EE67, 12EE67, 12EE68, 12EE69, 12EE70, 12EE70, 12EF50, 12EF54, 12EF59, 12EF61, 12EF68, 12EF70, 12EF70, 12EG51, 12EG53, 12EG57, 12EG60, 12EG61, 12EG65, 12EH55, 12EH61, 12EH67, 12EH69, 12EI61, 12EI65, 12EI67, 12EJ55, 12EJ56, 12EJ56, 12EJ57, 12EJ59, 12EJ60, 12EJ61, 12EJ67, 12EJ69, 12EJ70, 12EK59, 12EK62, 12EK62, 12EK63, 12EK64, 12EK66, 12EK68, 12EK68, 12EL62, 12EL67, 12EL67, 12EL67, 12EL68, 12EL68, 12FA43, 12FA45, 12FA47, 12FA50, 12FA52, 12FA53, 12FA53, 12FA54, 12FA55, 12FA56, 12FA57, 12FA57, 12FA58, 12FA59, 12FA59, 12FA59, 12FA60, 12FA60, 12FA61, 12FA64, 12FA64, 12FA65, 12FA65, 12FA65, 12FA66, 12FA66, 12FA66, 12FA67, 12FA67, 12FA67, 12FA67, 12FA67, 12FA68, 12FA69, 3BA57, 3BB52, 3BB53, 3BB53, 3BB54, 3BC45, 3BC46, 3BC47, 3BC51, 3BC51, 3BC53, 3BC54, 3BC54, 3BC58, 3BD48, 3BD56, 3BD59, 3BD59, 3BE40, 3BE42, 3BE49, 3BE54, 3BE54, 3BF35, 3BF35, 3BF36, 3BF41, 3BF45, 3BF50, 3BF56, 3BF60, 3BF61, 3BG39, 3BG51, 3BG51, 3BG52, 3BG55, 3BG57, 3BH30, 3BH41, 3BH41, 3BH45, 3BH56, 3BH57, 3BH58, 3BI28, 3BI40, 3BI46, 3BI50, 3BI50, 3BI55, 3BI56, 3BI56, 3BI57, 3BJ47, 3BJ48, 3BJ53, 3BJ54, 3BJ62, 3BK42, 3BK43, 3BK43, 3BK44, 3BK48, 3BK48, 3BK50, 3BK52, 3BK52, 3BK53, 3BK54, 3BL44, 3BL51, 3BL57, 3BL58, 3BL62, 3BL63, 3CA37, 3CA51, 3CA52, 3CA56, 3CA56, 3CA58, 3CA58, 3CA63, 3CA63, 3CB36, 3CB38, 3CB42, 3CB46, 3CB46, 3CB47, 3CB49, 3CB56, 3CB62, 3CC34, 3CC48, 3CC52, 3CC56, 3CC56, 3CC61, 3CC62, 3CC62, 3CD35, 3CD57, 3CD58, 3CD58, 3CD59, 3CD59, 3CD64, 3CE54, 3CE54, 3CE59, 3CF41, 3CF48, 3CF50, 3CF50, 3CF50, 3CF50, 3CF54, 3CF58, 3CF59, 3CF64, 3CG45, 3CG45, 3CG47, 3CG47, 3CG59, 3CG60, 3CH45, 3CH46, 3CH55, 3CH65, 3CI42, 3CI44, 3CI44, 3CI45, 3CI52, 3CI52, 3CI55, 3CI58, 3CI59, 3CI60, 3CI61, 3CI62, 3CI66, 3CI66, 3CJ43, 3CJ46, 3CJ60, 3CJ61, 3CJ61, 3CJ61, 3CJ65, 3CK44, 3CK52, 3CK58, 3CK58, 3CK59, 3CK60, 3CK63, 3CL45, 3CL53, 3CL53, 3CL56, 3CL62, 3CL62, 3CL63, 3CL65, 3DA54, 3DA56, 3DA56, 3DA61, 3DA62, 3DB51, 3DB53, 3DB53, 3DB58, 3DB61, 3DB63, 3DC55, 3DC55, 3DC60, 3DC64, 3DD48, 3DD57, 3DD61, 3DE61, 3DE63, 3DE64, 3DF47, 3DF51, 3DF54, 3DF56, 3DF60, 3DF62, 3DG52, 3DG58, 3DG60, 3DG61, 3DH58, 3DH58, 3DH61, 3DH62, 3DH62, 3DI46, 3DI51, 3DI51, 3DI52, 3DI55, 3DI58, 3DI60, 3DI62, 3DJ51, 3DJ55, 3DJ56, 3DJ60, 3DJ62, 3DK50, 3DK55, 3DK58, 3DK58, 3DL50, 3DL51, 3DL51, 3DL60, 3EA45, 3EA51, 3EA52, 3EA54, 3EA61, 3EB45, 3EB49, 3EB52, 3EB53, 3EB55, 3EC48, 3EC51, 3EC57, 3ED51, 3EE43, 3EF47, 3EF54, 3EG42, 3EG45, 3EG48, 3EG54, 3EG55, 3EH47, 3EH48, 3EH48, 3EH65, 3EI47, 3EI48, 3EJ43, 3EJ45, 3EJ46, 3EJ47, 3EJ53, 3EJ53, 3EK42, 3EL42, 3EL53, 3FA45, 3FA45, 4BA46, 4BA49, 4BA49, 4BB43, 4BB47, 4BB47, 4BB49, 4BB54, 4BB57, 4BB58, 4BB59, 4BC44, 4BC44, 4BC51, 4BC56, 4BC58, 4BD41, 4BD52, 4BD57, 4BD58, 4BD58, 4BD59, 4BD61, 4BD67, 4BE38, 4BE51, 4BE53, 4BE56, 4BE59, 4BE59, 4BF45, 4BF52, 4BF54, 4BG34, 4BG53, 4BG56, 4BG58, 4BG61, 4BG61, 4BH47, 4BH51, 4BH54, 4BH54, 4BI44, 4BI51, 4BI52, 4BI59, 4BJ62, 4BK48, 4BL52, 4BL63, 4BL63, 4BL63, 4CA52, 4CA62, 4CA63, 4CA64, 4CA65, 4CB50, 4CB51, 4CB55, 4CB60, 4CB64, 4CB65, 4CC51, 4CC54, 4CC55, 4CC61, 4CC63, 4CD48, 4CD52, 4CD62, 4CD63, 4CD63, 4CD63, 4CE62, 4CE63, 4CE63, 4CE66, 4CF60, 4CF62, 4CG55, 4CH53, 4CH64, 4CH67, 4CI64, 4CI66, 4CJ55, 4CJ63, 4CJ64, 4CJ64, 4CJ64, 4CK55, 4CK63, 4CK63, 4CK64, 4CK67, 4CL54, 4CL55, 4CL61, 4CL65, 4CL66, 4CL67, 4DA56, 4DA57, 4DA60, 4DA66, 4DA66, 4DA67, 4DB54, 4DB64, 4DC57, 4DC66, 4DC66, 4DD50, 4DD64, 4DD65, 4DD66, 4DD66, 4DE65, 4DF62, 4DF65, 4DF66, 4DF68, 4DG66, 4DG67, 4DH47, 4DH58, 4DH64, 4DH66, 4DH67, 4DH68, 4DI65, 4DI69, 4DI69, 4DI69, 4DJ63, 4DJ68, 4DJ70, 4DK53, 4DK64, 4DK65, 4DK65, 4DK67, 4DK68, 4DL63, 4DL63, 4DL64, 4DL67, 4EA64, 4EA65, 4EA65, 4EB49, 4EB63, 4EB63, 4EB64, 4EB64, 4EB64, 4EB64, 4EB64, 4EB67, 4EC50, 4EC61, 4EC61, 4EC61, 4EC63, 4EC64, 4EC64, 4ED50, 4ED58, 4ED62, 4ED63, 4ED63, 4ED64, 4ED65, 4EE49, 4EE57, 4EE59, 4EE59, 4EE61, 4EE61, 4EE63, 4EE64, 4EE65, 4EE66, 4EF57, 4EF60, 4EF62, 4EF62, 4EF63, 4EF63, 4EG46, 4EG57, 4EG59, 4EG60, 4EG60, 4EG61, 4EG61, 4EG62, 4EH56, 4EH57, 4EH60, 4EH61, 4EI47, 4EI59, 4EI59, 4EJ43, 4EJ44, 4EJ46, 4EK42, 4EK47, 4EK48, 4EL42, 4EL46, 4EL48, 4FA56, 4FA57, 4FA58, 6BA46, 6BA48, 6BA53, 6BB57, 6BB61, 6BB61, 6BC60, 6BD59, 6BD62, 6BE48, 6BE56, 6BE57, 6BE64, 6BE65, 6BF53, 6BF60, 6BF61, 6BF62, 6BF66, 6BF66, 6BG48, 6BG51, 6BG53, 6BG57, 6BG61, 6BG62, 6BG63, 6BH59, 6BI57, 6BI60, 6BI62, 6BJ60, 6BK68, 6BL62, 6CA59, 6CA64, 6CA65, 6CB48, 6CB54, 6CB64, 6CB65, 6CB65, 6CB65, 6CB67, 6CB68, 6CC53, 6CC63, 6CC65, 6CC69, 6CD61, 6CD68, 6CD69, 6CE56, 6CE60, 6CE61, 6CE69, 6CF58, 6CF66, 6CF67, 6CG66, 6CG69, 6CH53, 6CH60, 6CH65, 6CI59, 6CI66, 6CJ54, 6CJ66, 6CK66, 6CK66, 6CL55, 6DA56, 6DA70, 6DB55, 6DB64, 6DB65, 6DB66, 6DB69, 6DC53, 6DC55, 6DC66, 6DC66, 6DD54, 6DD57, 6DD58, 6DD64, 6DD66, 6DD66, 6DD69, 6DD70, 6DE51, 6DE53, 6DE55, 6DE66, 6DE67, 6DE68, 6DE68, 6DE70, 6DF53, 6DF56, 6DF66, 6DF68, 6DF69, 6DF69, 6DF70, 6DG54, 6DG54, 6DG55, 6DG56, 6DG66, 6DG66, 6DG66, 6DG69, 6DG69, 6DH52, 6DH66, 6DH67, 6DH67, 6DH68, 6DH69, 6DI51, 6DI56, 6DI66, 6DJ66, 6DJ67, 6DK52, 6DK61, 6DK67, 6DL54, 6DL56, 6DL67, 6EA52, 6EA54, 6EA66, 6EA67, 6EA69, 6EB52, 6EB54, 6EB68, 6EC51, 6EC66, 6EC67, 6EC67, 6EC68, 6ED55, 6ED63, 6ED65, 6ED66, 6ED67, 6EE49, 6EE50, 6EE53, 6EE53, 6EE65, 6EE66, 6EE67, 6EF48, 6EF50, 6EF52, 6EF53, 6EF61, 6EF62, 6EF64, 6ef65, 6EF65, 6EF66, 6EG49, 6EG50, 6EG52, 6EG53, 6EG60, 6EG65, 6EG65, 6EG66, 6EG66, 6EG66, 6EH47, 6EH54, 6EH62, 6EH64, 6EH66, 6EH66, 6EH66, 6EH66, 6EH67, 6EI49, 6EI53, 6EI54, 6EI60, 6EI65, 6EI65, 6EI65, 6EI66, 6EI66, 6EI67, 6EI67, 6EJ50, 6EJ50, 6EJ53, 6EJ58, 6EJ62, 6EJ64, 6EJ65, 6EJ65, 6EJ66, 6EJ66, 6EJ66, 6EJ66, 6EJ66, 6EK50, 6EK58, 6EK60, 6EK62, 6EK63, 6EK64, 6EK64, 6EK64, 6EK65, 6EK66, 6EK66, 6EK66, 6EL52, 6EL55, 6EL60, 6EL60, 6EL61, 6EL62, 6EL62, 6EL63, 6EL63, 6EL64, 6EL65, 6EL66, 6FA47, 6FA47, 6FA48, 6FA50, 6FA50, 6FA51, 6FA51, 6FA51, 6fa51, 6FA52, 6FA52, 6FA53, 6FA53, 6FA53, 6FA54, 6FA54, 6FA55, 6FA56, 6FA57, 6FA57, 6FA57, 6FA58, 6FA58, 6FA58, 6FA60, 6FA60, 6FA62, 6FA62, 6FA62, 6FA66, 6FA66, 6FA68, 9BA53, 9BA55, 9BA59, 9BB49, 9BB52, 9BB55, 9BB58, 9BB60, 9BC56, 9BD58, 9BE50, 9BE55, 9BF54, 9BF57, 9BF59, 9BF61, 9BG56, 9BG65, 9BH56, 9BH64, 9BH66, 9BI55, 9BI62, 9BI63, 9BI65, 9BJ54, 9BJ62, 9BJ62, 9BK67, 9BL57, 9BL60, 9BL63, 9CA59, 9CA60, 9CA68, 9CB50, 9CB59, 9CB61, 9CB65, 9CC58, 9CC59, 9CC64, 9CD61, 9CD64, 9CD67, 9CE64, 9CE67, 9CE68, 9CE69, 9CF60, 9CF62, 9CF68, 9CG53, 9CG63, 9CG65, 9CG65, 9CG68, 9CH57, 9CH61, 9CH62, 9CH67, 9CH69, 9CI57, 9CI64, 9CI65, 9CI69, 9CJ57, 9CJ58, 9CJ63, 9CJ68, 9CK65, 9CK69, 9CK69, 9CL68, 9DA68, 9DB61, 9DB67, 9DB68, 9DC67, 9DC68, 9DC68, 9DD66, 9DE53, 9DE59, 9DE67, 9DE68, 9DF60, 9DF68, 9DF70, 9DG64, 9DG69, 9DH66, 9DH70, 9DI68, 9DJ58, 9DJ65, 9DK62, 9DK65, 9DK67, 9DK69, 9DL49, 9DL53, 9DL54, 9DL56, 9DL66, 9DL67, 9DL68, 9EA53, 9EA56, 9EA56, 9EA67, 9EA67, 9EA67, 9EA68, 9EA68, 9EA68, 9EA69, 9EB53, 9EB56, 9EB65, 9EB67, 9EB69, 9EC67, 9EC67, 9ED55, 9ED56, 9ED58, 9ED67, 9ED68, 9EE67, 9EH55, 9EH65, 9EI51, 9EI54A, 9EI55, 9EI56, 9EI66, 9EJ51, 9EJ56, 9EJ66, 9EJ66, 9EJ67, 9EK57, 9EK66, 9EK66, 9EK67, 9EK67, 9EK68, 9EL50, 9EL55, 9EL63, 9EL65, 9EL66, 9EL67, 9EL67, 9EL68, 9FA43, 9FA49, 9FA49, 9FA49, 9FA50, 9FA50, 9FA52, 9FA55, 9FA55, 9FA55, 9FA57, 9FA57, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA59, 9FA60, 9FA60, 9FA61, 9FA61, 9FA61, 9FA61, 9FA62, 9FA62, 9FA62, 9FA62, 9FA63, 9FA63, 9FA63, 9FA63, 9FA63, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA64, 9FA65, 9FA65, 9FA65, 9FA65, 9FA66, 9FA66, 9FA66, 9FA66, 9FA66, 9FA66, 9FA67, 9FA67, 9FA67, 9FA67, 9FA67, 9FA68, 9FA68, EI64
Certification date:
September 29, 1994

The list of standards used for this certification is itemized in Introduction to AMCA CRP