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Centrimaster Model PL Centrifugal Roof Exhausters, Belt Drive
PL135E1, PL135E2, PL135E3, PL135E4, PL135E5, PL135F, PL145E1, PL145E2, PL145E3, PL145F, PL163E1, PL163E2, PL163F, PL163G, PL171E1, PL171E2, PL171F, PL171G, PL200E1, PL200E2, PL200F, PL200G, PL223E1, PL223E2, PL223F, PL223G, PL245E, PL245F, PL245G, PL245H, PL270E, PL270F, PL270G, PL270H, PL300F, PL300G, PL300H, PL300J, PL300K, PL330F, PL330G, PL330H, PL330J, PL330K, PL330L, PL365G, PL365H, PL365J, PL365K, PL365L, PL365M, PL403H, PL403J, PL403K, PL403L, PL403M, PL490H, PL490J, PL490K, PL490L, PL490M, PL490N, PL543J, PL543K, PL543L, PL543M, PL543N, PL543P
9.0.0 (Electronic) November 2001
C189E (Print) March 2014
C23M (Print) April 2003
Certification date:
September 22, 1993

The list of standards used for this certification is itemized in Introduction to AMCA CRP