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Model XCR Ceiling Exhaust Fan, Direct Drive
XCR-A1050, XCR-A110, XCR-A125, XCR-A1410, XCR-A1550, XCR-A190, XCR-A200, XCR-A250, XCR-A290, XCR-A390, XCR-A410, XCR-A510, XCR-A70, XCR-A710, XCR-A780, XCR-A90, XCR-A900, XCR-B110, XCR-B150, XCR-B200, XCR-B50, XCR-B70, XCR-B80, XCR-B90, XCR-C50
CAPS v4.29, March 2019 (Electronic)
Larkin Fans (Print) March 2012
Certification date:
April 25, 2018

The list of standards used for this certification is itemized in Introduction to AMCA CRP