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Model GAF-DS DWDI Centrifugal Fan
GAF-10DS, GAF-11DS, GAF-12DS, GAF-13DS, GAF-14DS, GAF-2.25DS, GAF-2.5DS, GAF-2.75DS, GAF-2DS, GAF-3.25DS, GAF-3.5DS, GAF-3.75DS, GAF-3DS, GAF-4.25DS, GAF-4.5DS, GAF-4.75DS, GAF-4DS, GAF-5.25DS, GAF-5.5DS, GAF-5.75DS, GAF-5DS, GAF-6.5DS, GAF-6DS, GAF-7DS, GAF-8DS, GAF-9DS
*Only models shown in green are licensed for FEG.
Certification date:
May 23, 2005

The list of standards used for this certification is itemized in Introduction to AMCA CRP