High Performance Air Systems

AMCA believes that ducted air systems are an effective, energy-efficient and economical means for satisfying ventilation requirements in commercial HVAC systems. We advocate for the consideration of high performance air systems to help achieve the result you or your client need.

High performance air systems (HPAS) use a modern design approach with leading products and technology to optimize energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.

HPAS design integrates the strategies of right-sizing, zone optimization and outside-air-based free cooling. HPAS systems also minimize static pressure, system leakage and system effects.

HPAS technologies include high efficiency fans, outside air economizers, low-leakage dampers and ducts, low-pressure-drop components, diagnostic sensors and digital controls.

The following are resources regarding high performance air systems:

HPAC Engineering Magazine's Association Solutions

Rethinking HVAC Air System Performance and Efficiency, by Kurt Herzog, Acutherm, April 2014
14 Tips for Reducing Wasted Fan System Energy, by Michael Ivanovich, AMCA International, February 2014
HVACFan Efficiency Codes and Standards:The Pressure is On
, by Michael Ivanovich, AMCAInternational, January 2014

Technical Articles

High-Performance Air Systems for Improved Comfort, Energy Efficiency, IAQ by John E. Bade, Gus Faris, Dan Int-Hout, and Mark Terzigni, published in AMCA inmotion, 2018
High Performance Air Systems article by Wade Smith, AMCAExecutive Director, Published in AMCA inmotion 2013
Dan Int-Houts Technical Aricles on Air Systems, Published inASHRAEJournal
VAV With Reheat versus Chilled Beams and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS). By Jeff Stein, PE; and Steven Taylor, PE. Taylor Engineering. ASHRAE Journal, vol. 55, no. 5, May 2013.
Fan Efficiency Requirements for ASHRAE90.1-2013, by John Cermak, PhD, ACMEEngineering; and Michael Ivanovich, AMCAInternational, ASHRAEJournal, April 2013.
High-Performance VAVSystems, by John Murphy.ASHRAEJournal. October 2011
Specifying VAV Boxes, by Jeff Stein, PE, Taylor Engineering.HPAC Engineering,November 2005.
It’s In the Details: Engineering for Low Cost and High Efficiency, by Jeff Stein, PE, and Steve Taylor, PE, Taylor Engineering.ASHRAE Journal, October 2005.
A Fresh Look at Fans, by Mark Hydeman, PE andJeff Stein, PE, Taylor Engineering.HPAC Engineering, May 2003

Case Studies

Providing Care for Medical Office Building, by Jeff Blaevoet, P.E.. Guttmann and Blaevoet Consulting Engineers,ASHRAE Journal, December 2005.

White Papers

Comparing Energy Savings of Different VAV Systems, byMartyn Dodd, EnergySoft LLC, March 2012

PowerPoint Presentations

Green Ductwork Done Right, by John Reints, PE, (consulting engineer) and Gene Smithart, PE, Trane. An in-depth presentation on high-velocity static-regain duct systems, which reduce first costs and operating costs.

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