About Fan Motor Efficiency Grades (FMEGs)

This page contains the original article on FMEGs as published in the Summer 2012 issue of AMCAinmotion, delivered as a supplement to the August 2012 issue of ASHRAEJournal. The article, written by Armin Hauer of ebm papst, and Joe Brooks, of AMCAInternational, makes reference to "online extras," i.e., material that could not fit into the published article. The online extras are provided below the link to the article.

Note:All "online extras" were authored or otherwise provided by Armin Hauer.

Original Article:

Fan Motor Efficiency Grades in the European Market, by Armin Hauer (ebm papst) and Joe Brooks (AMCAInternational). AMCAinmotion, Summer 2012.

Online Extras:

EU 327 Regulatory Language: Official European Union text as per April 2011: Ecodesign requirements for fans driven by motors.
EU 327 Minimum Fan Efficiencies: Tabulated minimum efficiencies according to EU 327/2011. The Excel sheet permits filtering by efficiency category (static or total) and by tier (2013 vs 2015).
Acronyms and descriptions
List of symbols and parameter descriptions: ISO 12759 versus AMCA 205 and "ErP" (EU 327/2011) symbols and parameter.
FMEG example for one specified fan duty (Excel spreadsheet): One variable speed direct drive fan versus fans with types of single-speed AC motors.